Jams and Jellies Made with Honey

We offer a delicious assortment of lightly sweetened jams and jellies made with LOCAL HONEY and NO sugar. 

Our pectin is kosher, gluten free,
NON GMO, and vegan!!

Our jams and jellies are made with NO sugar. Sugar is a preservative. Most jams and jellies contain MORE added sugar, than fruit. Instead, we use small amounts of local raw honey.

Our jellies and jams can be stored UNopened for a year, but once you OPEN that jar and break the seal… please refrigerate AND plan to consume it in 2-3 weeks. ‪#‎JERF‬ Just Eat Real Food

4oz - $5.00
8oz - $9.00

The sticky truth about jellies... Why do I put so much emphasis the fact that we at Texadus use LOW honey in our jellies? Because standard jelly recipes use more SUGAR than JUICE. Yes, MORE. Not equal, not almost as much, MORE. Now let's face it... jelly is a condiment and not exactly a health food... but why not make it healthier if we can (pun intended!). So instead of... 5 cups of juice and 7 cups of sugar as an example... WE use 9 cups of juice and 2 to 2 1/2 cups honey! Seriously, stop and reread those numbers. Yeah, me too..... Texadus Family Farm we think it matters!!